We build software and hardware solutions for amazing clients like you.

Our portfolio showcases projects for workforce staffing, real-time auctions, social polling, business productivity, sports entertainment, mobile shopping, augmented reality, and embedded development.

Why choose us for your next project?

You’ll be supported by a high performing team with a culture built on design, engineering, and innovation.

We have a strong work ethic and a steady focus on delivering quality every day.

Our lean size allows us to move and pivot quickly, keep costs low, and stay connected to your needs.

We do the work. We don’t outsource.

What can we do for you?

We build apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices. We also build cloud services and backend systems. Beyond mobile, our experience includes desktop applications for Macintosh and Windows, enterprise web solutions, embedded software, and custom hardware.

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iOS + macOS

Our core skills run deep for designing and building native apps in Swift and Objective-C. We closely follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and development principles so you can be assured your app will be of the highest quality to meet App Store requirements and most importantly, yours.

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Our team is knowledgeable in Material Design, Kotlin, and Java. Clients often need mobile apps for iOS and Android and our experience designing and building for both platforms offers efficiency and feature parity.

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Some projects need mobile web content or admin consoles to manage data. We have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Vue, Django and responsive design to ensure a consistent experience for your mobile and web applications.

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Cloud backends are common requirements for any project. Our experience here includes skill with Node, Python, Google Firebase, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Docker. Building reactive, real-time solutions is one of our strengths.

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We’ve designed and built hardware for many years, earning patents, and pushing the state-of-the-art in embedded programming. We can help you with schematic capture, PCB layout, firmware, and work with manufacturers to develop tooling, source components, evaluate initial batches, and design test equipment to lower cost and improve yields.

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We can help with design concepts, business logic, system architecture, APIs, and technology selection. Our consulting services can support your business needs to grow and mature your engineering organization, pursue acquisitions, prepare for investment, or scale your platform to meet user demand.

Proven Experience.

Our team members average more than 20 years working in product development.

We’ve managed projects sized from a few thousand dollars to a few million.

Solutions we built serve millions of daily users.

A process that fits your needs.

Our development process is a flexible framework that adapts and responds to you. It is the streamlined result of decades designing and building solutions for corporate clients, small businesses, and startups.



We start every project by listening to you. We ask questions and document your goals and requirements to ensure we have a clear understanding of your vision. We create a plan for your project that details core user scenarios, identifies priorities, sets milestones, and specifies deliverables and a budget.



Once the plan is approved, we sketch screens, design the navigation, workflows, and add detail to the user scenarios we started in the plan stage. Visual assets and interactive prototypes are delivered to share with your team, investors, and potential users. The design stage involves various collaborative sessions between you and our team to conduct reviews, get feedback, approvals, and adjust as needed. Our goal here is to create a blueprint for development.



With the blueprint and visual designs as our guide, the development team begins to build your software using start of the art, professional grade tools. We focus first on the core features and addressing risks identified in the plan stage. Our goal is to build quickly without sacrificing quality. Prior to delivery to you, our team tests and validates what is being built. We develop in phases to get you the earliest delivery of features for review and feedback.



At the test stage, we put the product in the hands of your beta users so you can pre-flight how well things work and get insights through analytics. During testing, we help with gathering and understanding the usage data, watch for crash reports, and offer recommendations on design improvements or additions. The best model for success involves iterating through design-develop-test cycles to learn, make improvements, and get ready for production.



The product is beautiful and functional and thoroughly tested now. At this stage, we can help publish your software to the Apple and Google stores and servers in the cloud. You own the code at this point but that doesn’t mean our relationship is over. We stand behind our work and offer services to measure usage, discover trends, make improvements, plan future enhancements, and support your operations.

Are you ready to launch your big idea, add staff to your team, or update an existing product?

We can help. Whether you’re starting up, adding new features, or need design and architecture services.

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We are professional software developers, engineers, and designers with a proven history of getting projects to the finish line for the Fortune 500, U.S. government, small businesses, disruptive startups, and entrepreneurs with amazing ideas.

T Minus 5 is a company that champions a culture of high quality, great service, and a work/life balance. We are based in the United States with offices in Texas and Wisconsin and clients from all over.

We excel at working with clients remotely and in-person using collaboration, solid project management, pro-active communication, and cloud based tools which provide efficiency, transparency, and low overhead for you.

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