Mark Swanson

Mark Swanson

Software, Hardware Developer

Mark is the lead iOS developer at T Minus 5. When Apple announced the iPhone in 2007, Mark was invited by Apple to learn how to build mobile web apps. The iOS SDK was introduced a year later and he switched to building native apps and has been making high quality native apps ever since for iPhone and iPad. Mark remains at the forefront of the latest advances in iOS. Technologies such as Augmented Reality and Smart Home devices continue to gain improvements and client interest. His knowledge building real-time features in mobile apps is another benefit for clients looking to build high performing, real-time data solutions on iOS.

In the early part of his career, Mark was often the sole developer in a startup company managing all areas of development from designing, building, testing, shipping, to supporting the end user product. His last role before co-founding T Minus 5 was Chief Technology Officer of a company that grew quickly to become a publicly traded leader in their industry. His deep experience shipping dozens of solutions in hardware, desktop applications, enterprise web platforms, and mobile apps is broad and commercial strength.

For clients who need skills beyond coding, Mark’s experience can offer guidance in corporate diligence, technology evaluation and acquisition, growth management, pursuing patents, and building high functioning engineering teams. Clients quickly recognize the value T Minus 5 and Mark provide when faced with difficult questions from the business side of any sophisticated software or hardware product. Mark offers a unique vantage point building the technology solution and then guiding clients through deployment, support, and future planning as they realize success and growth.

Mark is not a wizard, but he is a professional magician. He balances his work life conceiving the next great act and enjoying beautiful camp sites to relax, fish, and code. A maker at heart, Mark owns his own CNC machine and is always working on an inventive hardware project to improve his Smart Home or entertain the children in his family. One special hobby is his love of restoring vintage arcade and pinball games. His pride and joy is Robotron, a smash hit from the 80's.


iOS, Swift, Objective-C, 3D Modeling, Augmented Reality, Embedded Firmware and Hardware


Swift on Arduino

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