Powerful Workforce Staffing System


Stogo is a service and technology solution that supports leaders with real-time staffing by making it easier to fill open shifts. Managers use the app to select staff based on availability, certifications and overtime impact. The system automatically checks schedules, licenses, staff preferences, work rules and policies – then notifies candidates that best match the criteria using push notifications and in-app messaging. Employees claim open shifts with just a tap in the mobile app. The process is simple and often works in a matter of minutes. Managers can approve the claim, filling the shift and updating schedules immediately.

Project Work

Our roles on this project included working closely with the client on product features, user scenarios, and business rules. Our team designed user interfaces for the mobile apps, architected system and data models, backend APIs, and developed the native iOS and Android mobile apps.

One challenge on this project was designing and building features that tied in user’s legacy scheduling systems, which were complex and hard to use. The Stogo import/export/sync features were built to provide a better system that users could learn and use quickly in tandem with their existing systems.

Another challenge with building Stogo was the amount of data the system manages. Each day, schedule and employee information can be updated for thousands of users. The server and client apps needed to be designed to utilize background data fetching and avoid blocking the user interface. High speed Wi-Fi is often not available at user locations so care had to be taken to minimize data over the air, optimizing API usage, decoding data efficiently, and managing demand of memory resources.

Web Site
  • Android Native App
  • Admin Dashboard
  • FaceID Sign In
  • iOS Native App
  • Notifications/Activity Feed
  • Staff Messaging
  • User Accounts
  • Work Calendar
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Apple Push Services
  • Django
  • Docker
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • Swift

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